Advice & Counsel

  • Provide strategic insight and knowledge to leaders on key goals and objectives as well as future directions to maximize alignment, implementation and impact

Speaking & Presentation

  • Motivating and inspiring individuals and groups to renew commitment to individual and corporate goals through keynote speeches
  • Educating specialized audiences on salient topics and frameworks for change

Strategic Planning & Organizational Development

  • Conducting organizational assessments and strategic planning activities to help leaders and organizations learn, grow and chart a future course
  • Developing user friendly tools and products that outline goals, objectives, activities and required resources

Policy Development & Influence Strategies

  • Crafting policy strategies and helping leaders and organizations maximize their ability to influence change at scale

Capacity Building & Teaching

  • Building the personal and professional skills and content expertise necessary to lead, manage and sustain organizational, systems, and community change efforts

Social Impact Investment

  • Helping individuals and/or organizations develop and implement an investment strategy and tools for social impact that aligns, leverages and innovates across the public, private, and philanthropic sectors.